Aerial Studio Arts - The first professional studio in Romania dedicated exclusively to the pole sport!

We welcome all those who desire to rebuild their bodies by improving their muscle tone and flexibility to try our unique programe that includes Pole Sport, Exotique / Pole Choreo, Acro & Power Pole and Creative Pole.

Our students have the chance to choose the specific training programe that best suits their personality and level of performance.

We also offer training programs and consultancy for those who wish to compete in specific National and World Championships.

We strongly advise you to train with more than one trainer in order to identify and perfect your style

The things we teach

Pole sport is a very rewarding full body training option where you only work with your whole body weight :-)! Currently in Romania this sport gains more and more adepts and we are the most enthusiastic and determined of them. Worldwide Pole Sport is already well known because there are numerous competitions, pole shows and battles or workshops so the federations proposed it for the Olympics.
Pole Sport

Pole Sport is a perfectly balanced mixture of gymnastics, dance, power and flexibility for a total body workout regardless training level.

Acro & Power Pole

Acro Pole is a training style focused on acrobatics combined with flexibility tricks challenging your ligaments. Power Pole is s training style focused on strength tricks challenging your muscles.

Creative Pole

This is the class you need to improve your already achieved tricks and put them together discovering new transitions.

Exotique / Pole Choreo

Exotique / Pole Choreo is more than a simple pole dance it gives a powerful visual impact and brings you grace growing your strength and flexibility..


Come and join our classes

A pole sport class makes you burn more calories than a classical fitness class. Improve your body shape and muscle tone with us and you will be practicing one of the most popular new sport of the moment!


We welcome those who want to try Pole Sport and we also wish to make our training programs accessible to anyone.

Our offers

Feel welcomed to join our classes and make sure you made your reservation on our website clicking HERE for any further assistance kindly please contact us on our contact form or on our FB page or by phone call, text on WA or SMS +40722574078

First class in our studio – any training class – unique price = 35 Ron!


50 Ron / CLASS
  • 4 classes / month – 180 Ron


55 Ron / CLASS
  • 4 classes / month – 190 Ron
  • 8 classes / 5 weeks – 350 Ron


35 Ron / CLASS

Kids classes (upon request) cost 50 Ron/class (50 minutes)


For training you only need shorts/sport pants and a bra top (for girls) / opțional top (for boys). For warm up and stretching we recommend leggings/pants.

For all training sessions excepting Heels Choreo you don’t need shoes. For warm up and stretching you might like some socks (maybe over the knee).

You need high heels and knee pads.

Don’t use hand/body lotion or oil, your perspiration will bring out the lotion/oil from your skin and you will get slippery.

No way!. In championships we have 40+ and 50+ categories.

You don’t have to be fit and your weight doesn’t matter.

Don’t wear jewelry while training. You might get yourself injured and scratch the poles.

Don’t worry if you get bruised. Use any heparin or arnica gel you can get over the counter. They usually help you recover faster.

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