What are cookies?
“Cookies” are small files that contain short sequences of letters and numbers, stored in the browser used by each of us to browse the Internet. These files are completely passive, they do not contain software programs and they cannot access the hard disk of the device from which they are browsing.

Each website or web application visited (from any device, be it mobile phone, desktop, tablet) will place its own Cookies, if the browser used allows this.
When browsing the website, visitors will receive cookies, which, however, cannot be precisely identified. The visitor will remain anonymous until the moment of creating an account, logging into the account or subscribing to the newsletter.

What cookies does a visitor to the Aerial Arts Studio website receive?

A visitor who visits the Aerial Arts Studio website and uses a browser that allows cookies, will receive the following types of cookies:

Essential cookies for using the website. A visitor who visits Aerial Arts Studio with a browser that does not accept any kind of cookies will not be able to use the website’s functionalities. These cookies are, in their vast majority, session cookies and can last a maximum of one year.

Functional cookies, which allow us, the operators of Aerial Arts Studio, to better understand, at a statistical level, how our website is used, to identify design errors in the platform, to correct these mistakes, inherent in online programming. These cookies are set by the application that makes these measurements, in our case Google Analytics. These cookies are, in their vast majority, session cookies and disappear after the visit. However, there are Google cookies that last for two years or more.
Another functional cookie is the one set by the online conversation platform ( – button on the bottom right of the screen) which offers a convenient, fast and free way to get in touch with Aerial Arts Studio operators.

Cookies for evaluating the performance of online marketing campaigns, in which Aerial Arts Studio invests to promote its products. These cookies are placed by the online advertising platforms that Aerial Arts Studio uses, namely: Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and RTB House. These cookies allow us to make documented decisions for online campaigns, and, at the same time, help us offer our visitors banners with the products they are interested in. At the level of the advertising platform (such as, for example, Google Adwords), these results can be integrated and thus, website visitors can receive advertising for the products they are interested in, from several sellers. These cookies cannot accurately identify the website visitor.

How Cookies can be administered and which are the domains that place cookies on Aerial Arts Studio visitors

The options for cookie settings can be managed from the menu of each browser used, on each device used for surfing the Internet. Most web browsers accept cookies in the standard settings, and users who do not want cookies must manually modify these options. In any browser, you can delete all cookies or only some of the cookies, you can block all sites from placing cookies or only some of them. It is the decision of the visitor browsing the Internet to manage his favorite browser. Each browser is different and has its own specifications, so you must consult the technical documentation provided by each browser.

Here are some useful links for managing cookie options in common browsers:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

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