Dana Bertolon, Pole Fitness Trainer – Aerial Arts Studio founder

„I am the biggest admirer of the human body beauty. I have always appreciated the figure of an athlete because I myself am a sports person and I know how complicated it can be for someone to keep fit. I have practiced and still practice various sports and dance styles but the ones that have remained in my heart over the years have been Aerial Silks, Argentine Tango and Ballet.

When I discovered Pole Sport I understood that this is a complete type of training that involves both muscle strength, grace and flexibility. This is why I can no longer design a training programe without Pole Sport.

Silviu Daniel Mititelu, Pole Fitness Trainer – Professional Dancer and Choreographer

„I graduated the National Arts and Theatre University of Bucharest with a major in Choreography. In my career I worked with various celebrities and international artists in Romania like Loredana Groza, Feli, Delia sau Inna but I also worked with important field related companies like Warner Brothers, Eurovision, Vortice d. Company, Pal Frenak Company and others.

In 2021 for the first time in my life I competed in Romanian National Pole Sport Championship as Elite Senior Man in Artistic Pole. I became the National Romanian Champion and I was the first man ever to compete for Romania at the Worlds (World Pole sport Championship) organised and strictly judged by IPSF. this is were I won the 3rd prize an I put Romania on the 3rd place worldwide in Pole Sport.”

Priscilla Pescio Pole Fitness Trainer

„I’ve been dancing my whole life. When I was just 7 I started dancing and I explored various dance styles like Ballroom dance and Street dance dansul sportiv but I focused on “Latino” dances like Salsa, Bachata, Cha – Cha, Merengue. Step by step I became a Dance trainer and I worked with various schools in Switzerland (my native country) and in 2012 I became a Fitness – Aerobic and Pilates trainer. But something was missing…

I took everything to the next level in 2014 when I already knew that Pole fitness was my new way in life. I grew up with music and various dance styles but strength exercises, acrobatics and flexibility training were completely new for me. When I started watching and studying Pole Sport performances and battles I imagined that I’d never be able to do that… But I took that as a challenge as that was (is) the beautiful side of Pole Sport! You can build your strength and anyone can practice this sport. So in 2015 I became a dancer and Pole Sport trainer.”

Sabina Angelescu, Pole Fitness Trainer

„My Pole sport journey began in 2014, when after a rigorous research I discovered a dance studio where they had installed a pole and I started training. This is how I met other enthusiasts like me who later on became my colleagues and nowadays friends.

Ever since I started training in Pole Sport I felt healthier and more optimistic than ever. I feel how I continuously overpass all my expectations and I also feel that in my training there is room only for progress. This is how I decided to go for the next step – becoming a traine. I started training in Pole Sport at the age when other athletes are retiring I realized that I was improving from a class to the next one and this proved me that anything is possible. when you are pasionate about your training and you have a competent trainer. This made me want to offer the chance to enjoy Pole Sport to everyone and guide them to the beauty of this sport , make them overpass their limits like I din and improve the quality of their life.”

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