Terms and conditions

Payment policy:

Because the training poles in our studio are limited and in order to provide equal training opportunities for all those interested in our classes we have designed the payment and cancellation policy whereby training spots are booked exclusively on the basis of payment at the time of registration/booking.

If you cannot make it to training please cancel your appointment as soon as possible. We come to your aid and 48 hours before training you will receive a message (SMS) confirming your participation in the class on the phone number declared during your registration. If by this point you have decided that you cannot attend the class you booked and cancel your reservation, your money will be transferred to a future session of your choice within a maximum of 6 weeks.

If you decided that you can’t attend the class and you don’t cancel your reservation as soon as possible and you don’t even cancel when you receive the message for confirmation (SMS) you won’t be able to recover your money for the class respectively.

Safety during training rules:

The aim of the Aerial Arts Studio classes is to improve the physical condition of the students. Learning new pole sport movements and improving joint mobility directly depends on the number of hours spent as well as your own physical condition. Please inform the coach if you have any injuries or any medical problems. Your information is completely confidential.

We inform you that pole sport exercises involve elements of risk and you may bruise or injure yourself. If you experience excessive pain or major discomfort we recommend that you stop and notify your instructor.

The students’ participation in the classes / trainings provided by Aerial Arts Studio is completely voluntary and the students assume all the risksarising from their participation in the classes / trainings. Also, the students take responsibility for their health and for all the activities they will participate in. Classes attendants understand that the studio owners and instructors are free from any and all liability for claims, demands, injuries, actions or causes of action arising out of the use of any service, equipment or facilities provided by the instructor.

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